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Grief And Journaling. Expressive Writing As A Tool For Healing.

Today, I want to talk about a possible powerful ally in what sometimes feels like a less desirable journey: expressive writing. Combining grief and journaling can be a wonderful way to process so many raw feelings. Grief is often such a labyrinth of complex emotions that seems impossible to navigate. It’s not just sadness; it’s a mix of longing, anger,… Read More »Grief And Journaling. Expressive Writing As A Tool For Healing.

Painting And Grief. The Comforting Benefits Of Combining Both.

When you’re trying recover from the trauma that grief and loss can create, an avenue of healing that is probably not the first to come to mind is painting and grief. Instead, you might be thinking, ‘What does art have anything to do with the heart-wrenching process of grief?’ Depending on your own individual emotional process, it may wind up… Read More »Painting And Grief. The Comforting Benefits Of Combining Both.

Relief For Grief Activity. Who’s Your Guardian Angel?

Finding relief for grief is something that sounds altogether impossible some days. That’s probably because grief isn’t a surface-level scrape that heals over a few days and then stops hurting. Grief runs much deeper and shakes the very foundation of our lives. Most likely, you’re experiencing or have experienced the multidimensional impact of this all-too-human experience – a blend of… Read More »Relief For Grief Activity. Who’s Your Guardian Angel?

Grief And Sleep Issues.

One thing you can probably count on after significant loss is the matter of grief and sleep issues. Why? Because when you lose someone close to you, it’s not just your waking life that’s turned upside down. Your nights, too, can become a landscape of restlessness and uneasy dreams. Grief triggers a storm of physiological and emotional responses that can… Read More »Grief And Sleep Issues.

What Are the Best Grief Books?

Because I am a total bookworm and have been ever since I first learned to read, it would seem completely logical that I would definitely be poring over books about grief. It seems like after losing my mother, grandmother and spouse, I should be able to sprout a nice, long list of the best grief books. Most people assume that… Read More »What Are the Best Grief Books?

Apps for Grief!

I wish I had used some apps for grief when I first lost my husband. They are a way to get some support and validation without too much personal involvement. Or at least a way to gently refocus. Apps for grief purposes usually contain things like reflections and daily messages and emotional check ins. There are also calming videos and… Read More »Apps for Grief!