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Comfort Through Creativity

Expressing a personal grief journey through the safety of art…


You are not alone…

Welcome! I’m sorry for the reason you’re here. It’s most likely for the same reason that I’m here. Join me on a journey of art, writing, music and more. Let’s discover ways to provide some relief and validation for those moments that remind us that we were touched by significant loss.

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Benefits of Art

How creativity helps

Stress Reliever

All types of art can provide temporary distraction while enabling relaxation

Self Care & Love

Connecting with yourself through creativity feeds kindness to your soul

Safe Emotional Expression

Defining your thoughts and feelings without judgement

Mindfulness & Meditation

Create peace and awareness by tapping into your imagination


Know that whatever you think or feel about your grief is totally fine

Inner Peace & Balance

Breathe, release and learn what you want and need

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In Loving Memory of…

My late husband, Charlie.

My mother, Kathy.

My grandmother, always known as Amy.

The children I never got to meet.

The family experience I will never know.