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May 14 1988 Kentucky Bus Crash

In the past two or three weeks, something showed up in my feed (all of my search and reading on grief is probably what triggered the internet to place it in my line of vision) about the May 14, 1988 Kentucky Bus Crash. The 36th anniversary of this horrific and grief filled event is today, at the time of me… Read More »May 14 1988 Kentucky Bus Crash

How To Deal With Anger And Grief

Rage (how to deal with anger and grief) 8″ x 8″ Watercolor on Arches 140lb cold pressed paper I enjoyed making a previous sort of personal post with one of my paintings, Heart Island, because it allowed to really explain on a deeper level how I use art to manage or express grief. Or any emotions or thoughts. So, I thought… Read More »How To Deal With Anger And Grief

Dealing With Grief After Death

Heart Island  (dealing with grief after death) 5″ x 7″ oil on canvas panel Today, I decided to write a new kind of post. A much more personal post. One that I think – I hope – shows a deeper level of just how I manage grief using art, in this case, painting. Dealing with grief after death is different… Read More »Dealing With Grief After Death

Grief And Photography: Capturing Memories And Emotions

I think that mixing grief and photography is one of the most common ways we deal with memories of our loved ones. Actually, for any memories at all. Photography has become the go-to medium for capturing memories, especially in our digital age. There’s something truly remarkable about how commonplace cameras have become. Almost everyone has one on their phone, making… Read More »Grief And Photography: Capturing Memories And Emotions

Grief Heart Pain Activity

Dealing with grief heart pain is something that I struggle with a lot. And if you are visiting this site because you have had significant loss in your life, then you probably understand exactly what I mean. Grief shows up in various places in our bodies but I think we can all agree that the heart is often one place… Read More »Grief Heart Pain Activity

Dance And Grief. Using Movement As Emotional Expression.

An aspect of grief that usually gets overlooked is the physical dimension. The emotional journey of grief often manifests in our bodies in various ways. That tightness in your chest, those aching shoulders—those can all be physical responses to emotional pain. So, how does combining dance and grief help with any of that? Well, it’s a form of exercise, sure,… Read More »Dance And Grief. Using Movement As Emotional Expression.

What Is A Memory Quilt?

If you’ve ever been captivated by the warmth and comfort of a quilt, then it probably won’t surprise you to hear me talk about a particularly special type called a memory quilt. But what is a memory quilt exactly? Basically, it’s about stitching fabrics together. But really, it’s about weaving stories and memories into a form that we can touch.… Read More »What Is A Memory Quilt?